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Cami Taylor Spotlight Pledge

Honoring the memory of Cami Taylor, part of the Streetlights family since 1992. Cami served as the Board President  and was a full time advocate of the organization. Funds support the most needy Streetlights students who have unmet basic needs which may prevent him/her/them from completing the training, or cause them to miss much-needed work, including major car repairs, medical emergencies, childcare needs, groceries, rent, utilities, etc. Donate to the CTSP here:   

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In Memory of Jim Brubaker

James D. Brubaker supported Streetlights from the day the organization was founded. Jim remained a vital part of the Streetlights family for 30 years, helping to launch careers of hundreds of our graduates since 1992.  

Variety Article:

Donations in Memory of James D. Brubaker can be made here:

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