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Celebration! Honoring Streetlights Grads

Celebration! memories from the backlot at Raleigh Studios/Hollywood. These always-memorable events feature ABC 7’s Miriam Hernandez as the Mistress of Ceremony; and actors Corey Reynolds (Resident Alien, Straight Outta Compton, Selma) and Michael Beach (Soul Food, Crisis, Sons of Anarchy) as Co-Hosts and Presenters.  

Awards Include:

Champion Award -

Presented to an individual who has been constant and steadfast in helping move forward the mission of Streetlights.  This year’s recipient is Marianne Younkheere, First Vice President-Investments, Merrill Lynch.


Excellence Awards -

Chosen by staff members, an Excellence Award is presented to the young man and young woman who best represent the goals and mission of Streetlights.


You Worked Your Butt Off All Night! Award -

Nominations are submitted by Producers, Directors, Production Managers, Coordinators, etc., who work with the graduates.


I Couldn’t Have Done It Without You! Award -

Given by a Streetlights graduate to the person who has been their support and most inspired them to follow their dreams.


The “MVC” Award -

Presented to the Company that continually demonstrates an outstanding commitment to Streetlights through its financial support and/or ongoing employment of Streetlights graduates.

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