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And the Oscar goes to...

Matthew A. Cherry wins the Oscar!

Director Matthew A. Cherry won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film, Hair Love. He subsequently signed a deal with HBO for an animated series based on his short film, entered a first look deal with Warner Bros., and is in line to direct Pinocchio for Sony Pictures. 

Matt has been directing Network and Cable TV series including Black· ish, Saved by the Bell, Whiskey Cavalier, The Unicorn, The Red Line, AND in 2021 added The Kings of Napa to his directing credits!

Streetlights In the News
IATSE Diversity

Streetlights Program Offers "Foot in the Door"

Streetlights partners with Hackman Capital Partners as part of Television City’s Changing Lenses initiative. Graduates like Alex Williams can begin their careers in the entertainment industry on sets for commercials and music videos.

Matthew A. Cherry was Streetlights’ first Oscar winner, but he’s only one of several thousand people who got their start in television, commercials, movies and music videos through the program. 

Nonprofit Streetlights Shows Hollywood That Diversity in All Levels of Showbiz Is Possible

When Oscar nominations were announced Jan. 14, protests about Hollywood’s lack of diversity centered on actors and, occasionally, writers and directors. But Streetlights knows that true diversity should involve every level of filmmaking — including behind-the-camera work. And her Hollywood-based organization proves that progress is possible.

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