Letters of Recommendation

Before you can receive an application, you must be referred to the program:  You must submit two (2) letters of recommendation from a current or former employer that BRIEFLY states how long they've known you, whether you were a good employee, and that person's contact information.  Letters must be on company stationery that has been pre-printed by the company - NOT printed from a computer.  If you are unemployed and/or cannot contact former employers, we will accept reference letters from organizations where you have volunteered, or from recent teachers.

References do NOT have to come from the Entertainment Industry. Letters must come from people who have supervised you over a period of time.  We do not accept letters from friends, family or co-workers.


Recommendation letters may be mailed, faxed, or scanned-and-emailed to Streetlights.
Do not deliver letters in person!

  • If  you meet the eligibility requirements, mail or fax your letters to:

                    Outreach Director


                    c/o Raleigh Studios

                    662 N. Van Ness Ave., Suite 105

                    Hollywood, CA 90004

                    Fax: (323) 960-4546

  • Email scanned letters to:  streetlights@streetlights.org

  • Please include “Letters of Recommendation Attached” in the subject line

  • You must include your name, phone number(s) and email address with these letters

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